Resource:Lexipol Policy and Training Solutions

At Glatfelter, we’re firm believers in addressing potential problems before they occur to significantly minimize your risk exposures—and that’s why we’ve partnered with Lexipol.

Lexipol is the leading provider of law enforcement policies and training, and, through our partnership, our clients can receive a special discount on their State-Specific Law Enforcement Policies to help you keep your department protected and personnel safe.

Lexipol’s solutions include:

·         State-specific policies vetted by public safety professionals and attorneys

·         Updates in response to legislation, case law and evolving best practices

·         24/7 access to your policies via a web-based platform and mobile app

Contact a state-specific representative at 844.312.9500 or to learn more about how these web-based tools can help make policy management, maintenance and training more convenient and cost-effective for your agency.

You can also find more information in the following documents:

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