Resource:Physical Education - Safety and Locker Room Standards

In physical education, students participate in a regular program of vigorous exercises and activities, which require that consideration be given to attire, personal hygiene and locker room procedures.  The following standards are recommended to protect each student and enable him/her to obtain the maximum benefit from the program:

  1. Students will have a complete change of clothing for physical education.  A t-shirt and shorts or school physical education uniforms are appropriate for most classes.  Sweat suits are recommended for outdoor classes conducted during cool weather.
  2. Appropriate athletic shoes will be worn to class.  This is important for the safety of the student and for the protection of various surfaces.  The shoes should have flat soles (not elevated in any way) and should be properly laced or fastened.
  3. All personal belongings are to be locked up during class time.  Locks left on lockers overnight will be removed.
  4. Students are to limit their use of the locker room to physical education class time and as appropriate for athletic teams.
  5. Students are expected to arrive and depart from the locker room at the appropriate time.
  6. All injuries are to be promptly reported to the teacher.  The nurse will be notified as required.
  7. To prevent loss, damage, or personal injury, students should not wear jewelry during physical education class.
  8. Safety glasses with elastic head strap or other eye protection are recommended when wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.
  9. Students are to remain off the bleachers, stage, and equipment unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
  10. Food, gum, beverages, and glass are to be kept out of the entire physical education area.  Please do not litter.