Resource:School District Parental/Guardian Consent for Athletic Participation

Download this Consent Form for School Districts to provide to parents or guardians for participation in interscholastic sports.

Here is a small sample of the document/form:

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your child has expressed a desire to participate in our interscholastic sport program.  It is important that you and your child understand the goals of the program and agree to abide by the rules established by the district for the benefit of those who participate.

Warning:  Participation in athletics includes a risk of serious injury, permanent paralysis, infectious disease or death.  These risks increase in such programs as gymnastics, and contact sports such as football and wrestling.  Athletic participation will also involve travel in school district vehicles.  No travel will be permitted other than in district vehicles, and all travel includes serious risk of injury.  Your child will be provided information concerning these participation risks, and they should be carefully discussed and considered before this form is signed.

  1. Interscholastic sports are a part of a broad extracurricular program designed to teach students certain skills and reinforce concepts of self-worth (achievement), cooperative efforts (teamwork) and ethical decision making (sportsmanship).
  2. All participants must receive a physical examination by the school physician prior to the start of practice.  We will make these arrangements on a team basis and your child will be notified when and where this will be administered.  Please consult your physician regarding your child's protection against tetanus.  If there is a question about your child's eligibility for physical reasons, it will be discussed with you prior to the start of the program.
  3. School insurance for the medical treatment of sport-related injuries is applicable only after the parents' health insurance has been used.  The District’s insurance generally will not pay the full cost of treatment. 
  4. Within the first three team meetings the coach will explain the attendance, training, and athletic code rules as well as eligibility rules for participation.  In addition to the strict observance of these rules, your child will be expected to continue to meet all regular school obligations of citizenship and academic achievement.
  5. School equipment issued to your child for participation is his or her responsibility and must be returned promptly upon request.  Reimbursement from the student will be expected for loss or destruction beyond ordinary wear and tear.
  6. In the event that your child becomes sick, or receives an injury during athletic participation, all reasonable efforts will be made to contact you and obtain any required consents for medical care.  In situations where you cannot be contacted for specific consent to treatment, and such delay creates a risk to your child's life or health, the district representative will use the authority you grant them by this form to obtain appropriate medical care and treatment for your child.


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