Topic:Playground Safety

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Playground Inspection Checklist

Playgrounds should be regularly inspected to ensure that equipment and surfaces remain safe. Use these two safety checklists to help maintain a safe environment for kids.


Preventing Slips and Falls on School Property

This DVD presents real-life slip and fall scenarios in six specific areas of your school


Sandbox Safety

Sandboxes can harbor physical, chemical and biological hazards that accumulate in the sand. Help reduce the potential for transmission of disease and enhance sandbox safety with this resource.


Playground Safety Rules

Posting rules helps everyone to enjoy the park and playground safely. Here are some examples of rules organizations may want to consider using for their equipment.


Playground Supervision

Adult supervision is critical to playground safety. This resource walks through important administration and training aspects of an adult supervision program.


Playground Areas and Accessibility

Use this resource to help build and maintain an ADA-compliant playground so that all children have the opportunity to learn through play.